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Eradicating Malnutrition
Malnutrition is a medical condition that can arise from a eating a diet in which one or more nutrients is either enough or lacking. There are a lot of factors that can cause malnutrition and some of them include lack of safe drinking water or eating disorders. When not handled properly, malnutrition can sometimes lead to severe health problems and sometimes even death. When there is deficit in any nutrients then the body cannot function properly, and this can sometimes lead to increased risk of infection. Children under five years are the most vulnerable group when it comes to malnutrition because of their immune systems. Another cause of malnutrition in adults is depression and this can sometimes lead to loss of appetite.
Malnutrition is still a global problem and some people tend to be vulnerable because of their lifestyle and their place of origin. Malnutrition can be further divided into two section, the under-nutrition and over-nutrition. Under nutrition mainly arises when you cannot access certain calories or nutrients that are essential for normal body function. It is a type of malnutrition in which the intake of calories and nutrients are oversupplied hence leading to one being obese or overweight. Both the two types of malnutrition have there own unique signs and symptoms hence the reason why you should seek medical attention.
Tackling malnutrition is important for any country or nation that wants to grow. In order to make the world more food secure, it is important the we take certain factors into consideration. Poverty lies at the heart of this epidemic and poor people are the most affected lot. Eradicating poverty is an effective way of fighting malnutrition in the world. When you deal with malnutrition then there is a high chance that the population will not only be healthy but also productive. For these pregnant mothers to give birth to healthy babies, it is important that they are well nourished.
Apart from understanding what malnutrition is, it is important that you make smart food choices if you want to eradicate this problem. Making smart food choices involve eating a balanced diet and identifying foods that have high nutrients like proteins and carbohydrates. If you are having a problem in making smart food choices, you can try the oral nutritional supplements that will provide you with a balanced and complete nutrition. Water is an important nutrient for survival since it not only flush out toxins but also support every body function. The body will therefore burn more calories and help to lose weight when you drink cold water.

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