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The Difference Between Gated and Metered Parking Systems
If you own a vehicle, they you understand the advantage of a parking system. As the garage owner, you have to decide whether you need the gated or the metered parking system. Research shows that approximately ninety percent of the parking garages that are paid in the United States of America have the gated systems. A lot of people are always wondering whether to gate or not to gate their parking systems.
It is correct to say that the range of the parking solution is an important factor. However, it is not the only factor that parking owners should put under consideration. In the year 2015, several parking consultants analyzed the gated versus the metered parking systems. The evaluation also explained the situations where metered parking systems are very appropriate. One of the major advantages of the gated parking meters is that they provide an opportunity for reliable revenue capture. This particular parking system also has several financial advantages.
Garage owners need to understand that the installation cost of a metered parking system is quite low when compared to that of the gated system. The maintenance is the money that you spend repairing damages that might be on the parking system.
This means that in a year, the city of Miami would regain the initial costs of the gated parking system. On the other hand, the initial costs of the metered parking system approximates to twelve percent of the projected annual income. However, you need to note that the return on investment in both systems is excellent.
In a gated parking system, the garage owner needs to have gates, pay stations and exit machines. The tools required in a metered parking system are the meters themselves. The installation cost refers to the money that you spend starting any of the two parking systems. The parking consultants stated that factors, such as the power supply can interfere with the ongoing expenses as well as the installation.
This means that a parking system can serve you for more than eight years whether it has a gate or not. Additionally, the care applied during the use also determines the durability. However, maintenance can ensure that the parking system serves the owner for more years. This way, they will not require any maintenance fee in case the moving parts are in an excellent condition.
You need to have the right number of employees if you want your garage and parking system to run smoothly and earn the approximated revenues. Additionally, you need to pay for the enforcement vehicles.

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