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Amazing Innovative Stairs Ideas for A Small Home

More people are moving into smaller houses. Small homes are not only cheaper, but they tend to encourage a happier lifestyle. Small homes come with one big challenge. They are not spacious. Creativity is important when it comes to small houses where one has to make use of every square foot. One area that sucks up space in every home is the staircase. Find out how you can be creative and innovate on getting smaller staircase for a home.

Staircase that has storage space is a brilliant idea. Double in your staircase as a storage solution is one of the best ways to utilise a tight space. Install shelves under the steps for books, turn each self into a driver you can put your clothes, or store seasonal items in tacked way under the stair’s cupboard. One way for you to achieve a beautiful feature in your home is turning your staircase into a storage space. You will not only save on space in your home, but it will bring a creative design element.

Ensuring that the staircase is vertical. A traditional staircase is the same as a vertical staircase the difference is a vertical staircase has a slant that is much steeper. You can think of a ladder where the ladder has the same stability as stairs. Climbing up and down needs to be safer for people hence handrails are necessary. A loft ladder can be used instead of staircases so that space is saved. We have types of loft ladder are readily available in different types. Loft ladders with a traditional look are not the only ones available in the market, but it’s possible to find those that match your Design preferences.

Staircases that have a ribbon Style are able to save space. Normal staircases are not as vertical as a ribbon staircase. Vertical staircases are steeper compared to ribbon staircases. A person will not feel like they are climbing a ladder when they use ribbon staircases and while they are also important for saving space. Ribbon staircases are an artistic eye-catcher. Ribbon staircases steps look like ribbon candy, unlike normal steps. The back of every step is left open. A room feels more open since they allow more light through.

Small spaces can be utilised by the use of floating staircases. Except for the bottom step, floating staircases do not touch the ground. Floating staircases are usually installed on the wall. There are open spaces available underneath floating staircases. The space left can fit pieces of furniture such as couches, desks, tables, TVs and many more. Small living rooms can take advantage of floating stairs due to space they free.